Why GardenBunch?

Our advertising commitment has a firm commitment to only allow advertising on our site and associated newsletters, mailings, etc. by carefully selecting vendors that pertain exclusively to the world of gardening. We focus on organically responsible gardening methods, and strive for our business partners to echo this goal.  Our commitment to our members is that all content, including advertisements and sponsorships, will provide them value for their viewing. Please contact us if your company products meet this strict criteria.

Opportunities to showcase your company

Showcase your brand to’s diverse community.  We offer a number of different avenues to sponsor and advertise your complementary company products and services.

  • Central Sponsorship on key site pages
  • Banner Ads on interior site pages
  • Newsletter sponsorship
  • Sponsored content opportunities
  • Product Reviews
  • Book Reviews

For  Advertising, Sponsorship, Directory, or Content Submission questions, please email Gwen Holloway.

For Marketplace/Vendor inquiries, please click here.